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About The Cheffing Series

The Cheffing Series is an array of gently seasoned all-star, local and up & coming chefs; generously garnished with nationally acclaimed, culinary virtuosos, who have a flair for the extraordinary when it comes to the best in seasonal, and international cuisine to delight the most selective palates. 


We welcome all of you into our eclectic, soul-filled, food space!


Making Pasta


(A Foodie Site with a Conscious)

Historically, there are a number of systemic diseases causing health devastating outcomes in Black and Brown communities. As we embark into this new decade there are some diseases we need to un-friend. No matter the dis-ease, we need to pay special attention to how persons of color address the cancers of prostate, colon, breast; along with diabetes, renal failure, hypertension, and obesity. We need to understand that it is not cured by pills, surgeries, amputations, and radiation. This epidemic has shortened the quality of life of many of our loved ones and the impact of the choice of diet has blazed a destructive path, which hauntingly daunts the pursuit of a fit and hearty life; disrupting families and silencing too soon the voices of so many possibilities.


Time to change the paradigm by living healthier, living longer and aligning with chefs who promote such a lifestyle.  We allow you to indulge but we learn the new science of moderation, exercise, and life-sustaining energy live foods.  


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