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The Cheffing Series presents
Brothers Who Can Cook
A Culinary & Beverage Tasting Experience

The Sisters return to Baltimore on Saturday October 22, 2022 to the Eubie Blake National Jazz and Center. This amazing event will feature local and nationally renowned Women and Girls of Color who are professional and upcoming chefs. If you love food and a nice mature atmosphere, this event is for you! Proceeds from this event support breast cancer awareness organizations and efforts.
Guests will be able to sample from chefs in every food and dessert/pastry category. If you enjoy the samples, larger plated offerings will be available to PURCHASE (Small plates/tapas size on sale from $3 - $9.) So, you can try a little of everything!



The event begins at 12pm-6pm at the

Eubie Blake Center

847 N Charles Baltimore, MD 21201

Chef and Vendor Application

Welcome to

The Cheffing Series

Our Mission

To provide the premier platform for the elevation and promotion of culinary talent of color.

Our Vision

We don't just want a seat at the table, we're going to CHEF at the highest creative levels and build our own!


Contact Us

The home for ‘The Cheffing Series’ events is the illustrious Eubie Blake National Jazz Institute and Cultural Center located in the cultural arts district of Baltimore at 847 North Howard Street. The museum continues to present state of the imagination soirees that are shaped by all artists looking to showcase their visionary creations and here too is where chefs are beginning to thrive.


For information on becoming a chef, vendor or artist for our next events or planning a day for friends and family to attend one of the most cutting edge, cosmopolitan affairs annually to present chefs of color, please call:


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